4 Dec 2013


Works in the Every Picture Sculpture series find something in photography and make something out of it. Every picture could tell a story but for me every picture talks sculpture. I make something from what is striking in the photograph, add or embellish a hint or murmur and turn it into a production number. 

Each work is built around something inherent and compelling about the photograph. That something keys into memory, seizes an opportunity or recognition and takes the photographic subject or element back into three-dimensional space. As wall-mounted sculpture they are folded, box like or shelf shaped; protrusions or reliefs coming off the wall, photographs wrapped around forms. 

Photography and sculpture work hard in their juxtaposition; sometimes denying the autonomy of one over the other, often supporting add-ons which are tactile mementos meant to be handled. What emerges from this reworking is a form that privileges neither photography nor sculpture. The works are assemblages, like early 20th century artworks, and relate to Dada objects in their uncanny and often blunt opposition of signs. There is a loop from photographing, viewing, making the sculpture only to be returned to the photograph. 

Stephen Hennessy ©
Lost Cat, Stephen Hennessy © 2009