23 Aug 2018


Two years of intensive design and fabrication came to a close for SHAD with the launch of the newly refurbished Forum Theatre in Melbourne. Commissioned by the Marriner Group and Jackson Interiors, the brief was to update this distinctive venue, while respecting it’s unique style and history. 

SHAD studio worked on the re-modelling of three new bar areas in the main performance space. We designed a series of illuminated panels that 'concertina' across the front of each bar front in different configurations. SHAD also designed an illuminated artwork for new banquettes, which feature an emblematic 'gryphon' and custom font to identify each booth and table number.

In addition, we designed and made a rechargeable custom table lamp, which can be programmed by house lighting for special events and functions. The small lamp has an iconic shape, which is both contemporary and suggestive of earlier styles. The special SHAD-OCTO cut-out pattern used on inset folds of the bar-fronts was reworked for the double-sided shade of the lamp. The same pattern was used as a motif on feature display shelf units for the new bar, positioned strategically around the venue.